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HOW IT WORKSUpdated 2 years ago

Ways to Earn

  • New Member Bonus - 200 Rewards Points for new account creation
  • Purchase Points - 3 Rewards Points for every $1 Spent
  • Birthday Bae Points - 150 Points if customer entered their birthday in the system at least 30 days in advance
  • Review Your Recent Purchase - 100 Rewards Points for reviewing a verified, recent purchase (one-time reward)

Ways to Redeem

  • Anytime Rewards - 120 Reward Points per $1 off
  • $5 off Reward- 600 Rewards Points
  • $10 off Reward - $1200 Rewards Points
  • Free Shipping Reward - 1200 Rewards Points

Points will expire and be removed from your balance 12 months after the earn activity date. We will notify you 30 days before their expiration and again a few days before expiration to give you the last minute opportunity to redeem.

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